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28 May 2020
The field of learning and memory has largely focused their efforts on memory formation, deeming the act of forgetting as a necessary and unavoidable error of the brain's storage system.
12 May 2020
A fundamental interest in circuit analysis is to parse out the synaptic inputs underlying a behavioral experience. Toward this aim, we have devised an unbiased strategy that specifically labels the

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Our research is confined between the synaptic and circuit levels. We investigate the mechanisms behind associative and fear memories, the proteins necessary for memory formation, and the synaptic and molecular processes of memory decay.

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18 September 2019
We participated in the 7th European Synapse Meeting held in Lausanne this year.
17 April 2019
We participated in the Science Fair with a presentation of basic electrophysiological principles of muscle movement to the public.  We used materials from Backyard Brains.
10 January 2017
Dr. James McGaugh is research professor of neurobiology and behavior at the University of California, Irvine, and he was the founding Chair of the department and founding Director of the


nabavi lab

Staining of pre- and post-synaptic neurons, by VK.

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